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About Us

Welcome to Cartoon Collections, the premiere cartoon licensing database. Cartoon Collections features cartoons from leading publications including The New Yorker, Esquire, National Lampoon, and newer sources like The Rejection Collection and The American Bystander. Find the cartoons you want easily, all in one place. Find, click, buy, you’re done.

Our goal is to preserve the art of cartooning, promote top-notch cartoons from a wide variety of magazines and publications, make cartoons available to the public for use in their projects, and provide a place for new cartoonists to showcase their work and earn an income from the art they’ve created.

Nothing cuts through the clutter like the perfect cartoon. A cartoon can make your point, clarify your message, or challenge assumptions. It can gently nudge or smack you out of your seat. It can provoke questions as well as laughter.

Whether you’re looking for a cartoon to add humor to your presentation, lighten an article or newsletter, drive home your point in a textbook, or make t-shirts for your dad’s 60th birthday party, Cartoon Collections delivers.