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4th Place Cartoons

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4th Place cartoon

A medal podium with places for first, second and third is contrasted with a spot at the bar for fourth place.

Artist: Toro, Tom   Search ID: CC140382   High Res: 5760x2700 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: fourth place, 4th place, come in fourth, coming in fourth, came in fourth, podium, podiums, medal podium, medal podiums, podium finish, podium finishes, sad, sadness, unhappy, miss out, misses out, missing out, athlete, athletes, competition, competitions, track and field, runner, runners, running, medal, medals, medal ceremony, medal ceremonies, trophy, trophies, competitive, competitiveness, bottom line, bottom lines, drink, drinks, drinking, trouble, troubles, forget your troubles, self-medicate, self-medicates, self-medicating, self-medication

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