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Insultinginsulted cartoon

"Oh grow up."

Artist: Barsotti, Charles   Search ID: CC121236   High Res: 3000x1127 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: superhero, superheroes, irony, ironic, hypocrite, hypocrites, hypocritical, hypocrisy, childish, childishness, immature, immaturity, wealth, wealthy, wealth gap, wealth gaps, poverty gap, poverty gaps, rich, riches, rich person, rich people, wealthy person, wealthy people, jealous, jealousy, envy, envious, envying, insult, insultinginsulted, super hero, super heros, super-hero, super-heros, cry, crying, sack of money, bag of money, bags of money, sacks of money, show-off, showing-off, show off, showing off, swag, grow up, growing up

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