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Jumping Over Cars cartoon

Dad using a child's tricycle to do a stunt while mom and a child look on

Artist: Ziegler, Jack   Search ID: NL700282   High Res: 2348x1017 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: kid, kids, child, children, parent, parents, parenting, parenthood, mom, moms, mum, mums, mother, mothers, motherhood, father, fathers, fatherhood, dad, dads, family, families, show-off, show-offs, bad idea, bad ideas, childish, immature, man-child, man-children, reliving one's childhood, dangerous, risky, daredevil, daredevils, stunt, stunts, stuntman, stuntmen, risk-taker, risk-takers, stuntperson, stuntpeople, thrill-seeker, thrill-seekers, bike, bikes, biking, bicycle, bicycles, bicycling, tricycle, tricycles, jumping over cars, toy, toys, ramp, ramps, stunt performer, stunt performers, bad influence, bad example, bad role-model, bad role model, unimpressed, terrified, scared, sad, upset, left out

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