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A fish jumping from a tank that reads "Tropical fish $5.00" into a tank that reads "Tropical fish $20.00"

Artist: Kovarsky, Anatol   Search ID: CC93136   High Res: 2205x819 pixels (unwatermarked)
Tags: pet store, pet stores, pet shop, pet shops, aquarium, aquariums, animal, animals, pet, pets, fish, tropical fish, school of fish, tank, tanks, fishtank, fishtanks, fish tank, fish tanks, jumping, price, prices, price tag, price tags, different prices, higher price, more expensive, value, worth, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, changing sides, switching sides, moving up in the world, social status, social statuses, social mobility, status, upgrade, upgrades, upgrading, net worth, upward mobility, upwardly mobile, hierarchy, hierarchies, upper class, wealthy, elite, elites

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